Potency problems: Male erection problems – man, do not get hung up

Hardly any other part of the body is as much in the center of public interest as the penis. As the symbolic seat of male self-consciousness, of potency and virility, the penis is the center of male identity.

This has not changed since the beginning of human history – men must be strong and potent. And who is a real man can always.

Potency and erection Sex surrounds us no matter where we look. Whether on TV, in advertising or in the cinema – it’s all about sex. Men who do not sleep with their partner every evening and can do it several times in a row do not feel masculine enough. A claim that generates great pressure and is not always helpful to the male. Viagra will help you to be in the game, so dont waste your time – buy viagra online in our secure european online pharmacy.

Short reality comparison

On the other hand, the view into the local bedroom is less exciting: on average, couples have between 3.8 and 5.9 minutes of sex, and that on average once a week.

Professor Frank Sommer, a doctor at the Institute for Men’s Health at the Hamburg University Hospital Eppendorf, wanted to know more about it: With his six-person research team, the expert on male sexual disorders investigated the sexual preferences and problems men have today. He sent questionnaires to 10,000 men and found out that there is not much going on in beds about sex. This is due to stress as well as too many female hormones in men.

The facts

While there was almost no day without sex in the 18-30 age group, it seems to be the exception today. “How often do you and your partner have sex?” This question was answered in a study 30 years ago with 22 to 28 times a month, today it happens according to the men interviewed not even half as often: namely, only four to ten times a month.

Men between the ages of 31 and 40 have even less sex: three to six times a month is now normal.

Even the 41- to 50-year-olds do not often experience a hot number anymore: they are satisfied with two to three times a month.

Much less is not possible? Quite: 51- to 60-year-olds have a maximum of twice sex – at least in the month and not in the year.

Men sexual activity (coitus) in the month:

Year :18-30 31-40 41-50 51-60
30 years ago :18-22х 8-12х6-10х 4-8х
Today :4-10х 3-6х 2-3х <2х

Frequency of potency problemsA trend that is likely to continue. In addition, more than every second man complains about erectile problems from the age of 40 years.

The causes for this are manifold. Starting with stress in everyday life, lifestyle issues (alcohol, drugs, nicotine) to organic causes.

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Sex and Masculinity – The elixir of life for the partnership

Sex is a key factor in life and in relationships. When sex fails, it usually has side effects on the relationship and the partner.

For example, one study shows that men who have erectile dysfunction often retreat from partnership. They are afraid of physical touch and tenderness such as kissing or gentle embrace, since this could become a “demand” of the partner for sexual intercourse. Because in that case, the man would have to admit that he is no longer able to build an erection. This retreat of the man is very stressful for the partnership and not an isolated case. This happens in over 83% of all partnerships in which the man is affected by erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can cause depression

In addition, research shows that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and thus feel a burden of suffering, have a much higher probability of becoming depressed. In the study, over 30% of men developed depression. These were sometimes so serious that they were no longer able to work and were on sick leave for a longer period.

The big silence

Few men talk about it when it fails in bed. And many surrender to this, true to the motto “Sex is not everything.” Or “That’s just how it is.”

This is understandable if there are no potency problems in the external environment among friends and colleagues. Even within the partnership, existing erectile dysfunction is often made a taboo subject.

However, we know that every second man over 40 suffers from mild to severe erectile problems. Did you know that there is a close connection between erectile problems, high blood pressure and the risk of stroke and heart attack? Various studies prove this, another reason why it is so important for men to deal with this issue.