Electrostimulation better than Viagra®

In a specific type of erectile dysfunction treatment with electrostimulation is far more successful than taking Viagra®.

The revolutionary thing about this finding is that erectile dysfunction is curable for the first time and lifelong use of medications such as Viagra® can be avoided. “This can help many men” says Prof. Dr. med. Summer, internationally recognized specialist in men’s health.

The backgrounds

Roughly speaking, two forms of erectile dysfunction are distinguished:

  1. Physical causes – ie organically induced erectile dysfunction
  2. Psychogenic causes – ie head-driven erectile dysfunction

So far, there has been no approved therapy that could lead to a cure for erectile dysfunction. This means that in current practice, only the symptoms are treated: If the man needs an erection, be taken in the situation, drugs such as Viagra® or it is applied a drug locally in the erectile tissue.

A scientific study has shown that healing of erectile dysfunction is possible. In the study, 252 patients with both smooth muscle cell and pelvic floor smooth muscle cells were divided into two groups. One group received electrotherapy for the erectile tissue and pelvis three times a week. The other group was allowed to take Viagra® as often as personally requested. The maximum intake dose of 100 mg Viagra® per day was not exceeded. After a six-month therapy there was a one-week break (a so-called “washout phase”). It was then tested for four weeks whether the men who suffered from erectile dysfunction before the study were again able to experience a fulfilled sexuality. When asked “Has the therapy improved your erection?” 93% of the men who had received the electrotherapy answered “yes”. In the group of men who received Viagra, only 27 percent said yes.

Therefore, it can be assumed with a good probability that special electrotherapy of smooth muscle cells in the corpus cavernosum and striated pelvic floor muscles leads to a cure of erectile dysfunction in selected men with erectile dysfunction.

Depending on the choice of program and erectile dysfunction, electrostimulation has a very positive influence on the infrastructure of the penis and also on the development of the potential musculature.

As part of a detailed diagnosis, we determine the causes of erectile dysfunction in great detail and put together an individual therapy concept together with the patient that is most promising for him.