The Student Becomes the Teacher

This past weekend marked the end of my journey to become a yoga teacher, or the beginning, depending on how you look at it. We traveled to the beautiful mountains in West Virginia to complete our 200 hour training at Kayser Ridge Retreat.

The majority of the weekend was spent teaching to one another. It made everything feel full circle to me. We’d spent so much time practicing, learning and being led. Though it is always intimidating to begin teaching, it felt to be the natural progression of things to then share our own knowledge and lead one another with the wisdom we’d gained.


“There is space enough in the earth for all the trees roots to grow.”

-Sara McClayton, fellow teacher trainee


We have all come so far and it was a beautiful thing to witness.  Each member of the training was now a teacher in his or her own right and it seemed clear to me. And so the theme of the weekend to me felt something like transformation. One student, used this as a theme during her class. Change. How it makes us real. How who we are at our points of change are when we are at our most real.

I think this is a valuable lesson. Life and learning, it is uncomfortable. Sticky, messy, painful. But who are you to turn away from the chaos? If I’ve learned anything from this training, it’s how to lean into the discomfort. That has been my big lesson. If there isn’t pain or fear, how can you really be growing?

I’ll always be a student of yoga and of life. I never want to stop learning and growing from this life. And to continue the journey, to better myself is to better others. This is the beauty of teaching to me. It is a soulful job. It is filling my life with love and lightness and truth and beauty, yes for me, but also so that I can share that same light with others.

My training is complete for now. But my journey has just begun.


Sarah Bregel is a mother, a writer, a women’s personal trainer and the creator of She is currently enrolled in yoga teacher training at Yoga on York. She loves yoga, food and wine, and believes “everything in moderation” is the best advice in the world. She lives in Mount Washington with her husband, Marshall and their daughter, Piper. 



  • Cindy

    Beautiful article Sarah. We’re so proud of you. It’s wonderful how you have been living and learning yoga. I can really see, not just how incredible you are at the yoga poses, but also your demeanor and how centered you’ve become. I wish I had all this insight when I was your age. Maybe it’s not too late for me and I can finally stop procrastinating and start improving my life by taking yoga classes!