Hello, Charm City!

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Hello, Baltimore!

Welcome to your guide to food, fun and fitness in Charm City. This is an interactive place for men, women, parents, residents and non-residents. We’ll be posting everything from healthy recipes and workouts, to product reviews, fitness class reviews, any free exercise classes or events we can find, where to go for healthy grub and drinks and much, much more!

We want our users to play an integral role in the content of this site. So if you know of a healthy dish or cocktail being served around Baltimore that we haven’t mentioned, tell us about it! Same goes for new exercise classes, fitness-wise parent groups and anything else you think Baltimore needs to hear about.

The growing awareness towards health and wellness in our great city is truly inspiring. Yoga studios are sprouting up all over the place. Restaurants are serving healthier, low-calorie options. Bartenders are coming up with healthy drink specials left and right. Parents are realizing the importance of their own health so that they can teach their children to be more active. Low cost gym memberships are becoming common and discounts for those in the corporate world are often offered. More people are making efforts to combat stress, to meditate and get zen!

Here at BHealthyBmore.com, we want to help that consciousness continue to grow. With all of the wonderful things happening around town, you better believe we’ll be posting often. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss a thing. We’ll be looking for sponsors, as well as one-time donations to help keep us moving, so if you or anyone you know is interested in making a contribution, we’d be more than grateful.

Thanks for having us, Charm City.

Now let’s Be Healthy, B-more!

– Sarah Bregel, Writer/creator- -BHealthyBmore.com