Get Fit with Arbonne’s Pure Transformation: 30 Days to Feeling Fit Program!

Recently, I discovered a line of products from a company called Arbonne. Beata Klapacz Lorinc, an independent consultant at Arbonne, reached out to fill us in about a new program she spearheaded called Pure Transformation: 30 Days to Feeling Fit. We were so impressed by how all-inclusive the program is and some of the results participants in the program are seeing that we wanted to find out more. We spoke with Beata about the new program, the products themselves and how being her own boss has changed her life.



BHBM: Hi, Beata! Thanks for chatting with us. For those who don’t know, what is Arbonne and what makes it special?


BKL: Arbonne’s philosophies are pure, safe and beneficially! They are botanically-based, PH Correct and hypo-allergenic with no animal testing, no animal by-products (vegan certified), no dyes or chemical fragrances. Many of Arbonne’s herbs are organically grown in the Swiss Alps above pollution line and Arbonne uses pure Alpine water. People want pure products- they are shopping organic, they want safe products free from toxins, and people want products that work.


BHBM: When did you first discover the Arbonne products?


BKL: Last summer I went to a facial workshop.  I was blown away by the results from that one experience.  The next morning my husband unprompted, noticed a difference in my skin.  I was sold!


BHBM: What do you like best about them? Have they created lasting changes in your own life? Why do you feel so strongly about them?


BKL: I love Arbonne – its products, its culture, its philosophies and its opportunity.  I know it will sound completely cheesy, but discovering Arbonne has completely changed my life.  I have the opportunity to redirect regular house hold spending to “my own store” and provide myself and my family ultra-high quality products at a moderate cost.  I have already empowered 4 amazing women to launch their own businesses and build an additional income source for their families, while focusing on what’s most important to them.  I am changing lives through product and through opportunity.  Pure Transformation is an amazing program I launched with other health and wellness professionals to provide a platform for anyone to get healthy and lean.


BHBM: Tell us about the Pure Transformation: 30 days to  Feeling Fit program. What kind of success are you seeing clients have?


BKL: Arbonne’s Pure Transformation:  30 days to feeling fit – is a fully supported program run by a team of health care professionals including registered nurses, personal trainers and fitness instructors.  For 30 days you will replace 2 meals a day with high quality vegan certified protein shakes and following an elimination diet to maximize health benefits, increase energy and stamina and if needed, release excess weight. We have 20 in our group – but not every one started at the same time. Of the 12 that completed one full week, they lost 60+ pounds. With a range of 2-8 pounds per person. Here are some of the comments directly from clients:


“I love how much energy I have and how good I’m feeling.” 
“I…can’t believe how different my head feels after a week. No cravings or feelings of deprivation…just excitement.”
“I’m satisfied. I don’t get headaches. I’m off my expensive Starbucks routine…Feeling great and energized. Light and happy.”

“I love how easy the program is and that I don’t feel deprived and I’m not constantly thinking about food.” 


Thanks for talking with us, Beata! To find out more about Pure Transformation, Arbonne or to contact Beata check out 

Sarah Bregel is a mother, a writer, a women’s personal trainer and the creator of She loves yoga, food and wine, and believes “everything in moderation” is the best advice in the world. She lives in Mount Washington with her husband, Marshall and their daughter, Piper. 


  • Stefanie Joseph

    I second the 28 day fit program by Arbonne! I lost 12 lbs and 4.5″ around my waist area in just 28 days!! I have since become a consultant because of how this program made me feel on the inside and obviously on the outside!

  • David Schuler

    Thank you so much, Sarah, for your interest in Gwichyaa Zhee I really appreciate your efforts to help people live healthier!